What are Friends With Benefits?

What are Friends with Benefits

What are Friends with Benefits?

Friends with benefits are casual relationships between two people that enjoy the physical intimacy of being with one another without the extra commitments and expectations that come with a more formal, romantic relationship.

Friends With Benefits Definition

According to Wikipedia, “Friends with benefits is a term used to describe non-exclusive recurring sexual (or near-sexual) relationships.”

The desire to have a friend with benefits may have arisen due to previous unsatisfactory or fulfilling relationships.

It also may be due to a person wishing to focus on their career without having the emotional burden that can come with a full-time relationship.

Friends with Benefits Meaning

Friends with Benefits?

Here is friends with benefits defined by Urban Dictionary…  Two friends who have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved. Typically two good friends who have casual sex without a monogomous relationship or any kind of commitment.

Friends With Benefits Sex

In order for sex and friendship to flow smoothly, FWB’s may choose to set friends with benefits rules in place that define the way they choose to relate (or not relate) to each other.

For example, the traditional ‘meet the family’ might be a big no no as this would imply a potential future together, of which neither party is currently wishing to explore (or may not want to admit to yet!).

There are also suggested do’s and dont’s to adhere to if you wanting to avoid many of the common mistakes.

So, there you have it… if you were wondering what does friends with benefits mean before you jumped in and started looking for friends with benefits in your area, you now know what they are and you can find more tips and advice by searching our website.