FWB Benefits: The TOP 10 Positives Of Casual Dating

FWB Dating Benefits Explained

Getting into a friends with benefits relationship is not something that is right for everyone, but for the right people, this can be an amazing relationship.

There can actually be a number of advantages of getting into a FWB relationship and if you are interested in knowing what these are, checkout the…

Top 10 Benefits Of Being Friends With Benefits: Friends with Benefits

1 – The Sex

It is really a no-brainer that the sex is a top highlight of having a friend with benefits.

n this situation, you get all the sex you want, but you don’t have to commit to anyone.

We all have sexual needs and just because you don’t want to be in a relationship doesn’t mean those needs can’t be met.

2 – The Convenience

A friends with benefits relationship is also quite convenient.

You don’t have to go out seeking sex, nor do you have to beg a significant other for sex.

Instead, you always have a friend who is game for sex and who can be available very soon.

3 – The Non-Commitment

The other thing that is nice about a friends with benefits situation is that there is no commitment, so you don’t have the drama that is often associated with a committed relationship.

4 – The Experimentation Factor

Another amazing highlight of being friends with benefits is that you will likely find that this is a very comfortable relationship and because of that, you can be yourself.

You should also feel comfortable enough with this person to experiment sexually without fear of judgment.

5 – The Safety

You will additionally find, when you have sex someone familiar, you will feel safer, and you won’t have to put yourself in any dangerous situation where, for instance, you have to go home with a strange man or woman in order to have sex.

This isn’t the case when in a friends with benefits relationship.

6 – The Intimacy

Some people have difficulties getting intimate with people they don’t know and this could be a problem when it comes to sex.

When with a friend with benefits, you will be able to get intimate with them easily and this will lead to better sex.

7 – The Partnership When Meeting Others

Your friend with benefits can also be a great wingman or wing-woman when you go out together too.

Since you aren’t interested in a relationship with each other, you can use them to find new people to date or to repel someone who you just aren’t interested in, but wants to get with you.

8 – The Lack of Dating

Since you are not in a committed relationship with this person, you get to skip all of those annoying things like getting each other gifts, deciding on who is going to pay for dinner, or even having to meet their parents.

In fact, when in this kind of relationship, you don’t even have to go out…you can stay home, have sex and go home. It’s all up to you.

9 – The Knowledge That You Always Know Where You Stand

You will also find that a great highlight of being FWB’s is that you will always know where you stand with this person.

You don’t need to worry, for instance, if he or she ‘likes’ you or if there is the possibility of a relationship.

Though that occasionally happens, for the most part, friends with benefits is all that you will ever be.

10 – The Fact that It Can Build Confidence

Finally, one of the highlights of being in a FWB relationship is that it can build up confidence in the bedroom.

This is a great way to practice and as you know with anything, including sex, practice makes perfect.

Hang Out With FWB – How Much Is Too Much?

Hanging Out With Your FWB – How Much Time Is Enough?

Friends with benefits relationships are becoming more common these days and there are many reasons why this is the case. For one, FWB relationships can be very fun. Friends with Benefits

You will probably also find that these relationships are almost totally drama-free.

The main question that people will often ask when they get into this type of relationship is how much hang out time should I spend with my ‘friend’?

Here are some FWB tips that can help:

Do Something Sexual Each Time You Get Together

The total time you spend hanging out with your friends with benefits is totally up to you, of course, but you want to be sure, even if you have several friends with benefits, that you are meeting them with the intention of enjoying a sexual act of some kind.

Of course, you got into a FWB relationship because you wanted sex, so it should make sense that you would want to meet with them for sex.

Once you have had sex, you can then start talking about ‘friend’ time.

What Should You Do During ‘Friend’ Time?

You don’t need to go all out when it comes to the ‘friend’ time you spend with your friend with benefits.

Friend time can truly consist of almost anything from grabbing some food or watching movies together to seeing other friends or getting a drink at the pub.

Your hang out time with your FWB might also be as simply as talking to each other following sex, having a drink before you have sex or basically anything that is not sex related.

How Much Time Should We Spend Together?

In a friends with benefits situation, you know that much of the time you spend together should involve some type of sexual act, and you also should know what ‘friend’ time should be, but the main question here is how much time you should spend together.

This will depend entirely on how strongly you feel about each other or perhaps even how attractive they are (you may not want them to meet your friends for example).

If you’re just with your FWB for sex only, and don’t want to hang out with them in public for example, it’s totally fine.  If the other person wants more however, maybe it’s time for you to move onto someone you’re more ‘into’.

Some of these couples who consider themselves to be friends with benefits will have a long term friendship and were even friends before they started having sex.

This couple will likely be spending more time together and doing things like going to dinner, sleeping over and hanging out with the same circle of friends.

Short Term Vs Long Term FWB

So, you may find that friends with benefits who have a history with each other or those who may have a strong connection may spend several hours together every week.

Other people who are friends with benefits may only spend a short amount of hang out time together each week , and that is all they need.

As you will see, when it comes to being friends with benefits, you will generally find that the time you spend together will be based on the relationship you have.

Friends who have a stronger mental closeness to each other will typically spend more time together on top of the sex.

The couples who are less connected emotionally will typically have sex then possibly chat and that’s all.

What it all comes down to is how comfortable the two of you feel together and what will work best with the casual relationship you have together.

Stay Friends After Being Friends With Benefits?

Can We Stay Friends After Friends With Benefits?

Ending a Friends with Benefits Relationship

Can we still be friends?

If you are like many Aussies, you may have friend with benefits, also known as a FWB or any number of colourful names.

However, sometimes those friends with benefits relationships don’t really work as you think they will and you simply want to go back to being friends.

There is nothing wrong with this, but you will need to go through that awkward FWB breakup period, something that you may be worried about.

The truth is, it is still possible to remain friends after ending a friends with benefits relationship but just like any type of relationship, it’s probably going to take some time.

How to End a Friends with Benefits Relationship

No one really goes into a friends with benefits relationship with a long term plan, and most of the time it happens because of some circumstance or perhaps a decision to give it a shot.

Most of these arrangements are very short term and in most cases, people find that there was a reason they were only friends from the start.

However, if you want to end this relationship, and at the same time salvage your friendship, you have to go through the FWB breakup in the right way.

First of all, you have to remember that you are friends first, and honesty is a huge part of any type of friendship. Because of this, honesty is going to be your only way out.

By being up front and honest with your friend, not only will you be able to continue that level of trust that you had before, there will also be some type of respect there that may not have been present before.

Will It Be Easy?

Probably not, but if you want to ever be friends again, this is what you need to do.

Once you have had “the talk” and ended the FWB relationship, you may want to take a step back and give him or her some time.

You should try to stay accessible to them as their friend, but don’t think that you will magically be best friends immediately after something like this.

At least give it a few days before you reach out to attempt communication again.

Remember, just because you are no longer getting the “benefits” from each other, you are still friends first and foremost, so you want to act like a friend, too.

After the Relationship Has Ended

Once you have made that initial contact following your friends with benefits breakup, you will definitely want to keep a few things in mind in order for the transition back to friends to go as easy as possible.

One of these things is to not bring any other partner around your friend.

They will need some time, especially if the breakup wasn’t exactly a mutual decision. In fact, it is best if you just avoid talking about romantic or sexual relationships for awhile.

Friends with Benefits Break Up

How to Handle a FWB Break Up

As time goes on, and you both want it, there is really no reason why you can’t go back to being friends after friends with benefits.

Make sure you are taking it slow, start out by hanging with a group and before you know it, you will be able to hang out again, one on one, and find that level of friendship that you had before this new relationship starts.

Seek out support from your other friends, fight the temptation to get physical again, especially if alcohol becomes involved and if you notice any jealousy, spitefulness or resentment, you may want to simply move on for awhile until the other person finds a relationship of their own.

FWB Hookups: Enjoying Your Youth With Casual Sex

Enjoy Being Young With FWB Hookups

Friends with Benefits movie

Friends with Benefits movie starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis.

With the rise in popularity of casual dating, sex and hookups the term friend with benefits has arisen and is growing a life of its own.

FWB hookups are the choice of many singles across Australia for the ease and fun that come from them!

Casual sex is exciting and fun and doesn’t have to be a mental game as much as many people think.

You’re young and free so enjoy yourself!

With the release of the Friends With Benefits movie starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis the popularity and convenience of having a friend with benefits is replacing the need for a full-time relationship.

These can often consume a lot of our emotional energy and distract us away from our careers, friends and family.

Having a friend with benefits allows you to enjoy the physical intimacy we all crave without the complications, commitments and expectations that come with a full-time relationship.

Having FWB hookups allows you to…

  •     Focus on your career
  •     Enjoy free time with friends and family
  •     Have more ‘me time’
  •     Not have to worry about marriage, kids and mortgages
  •     Enjoy a greater choice of partner(s)…try before you buy!
  •     Have more time for exercise and other social commitments

Whether you’re in between relationships, have just left a relationship or just want more time to be free and enjoy dating a wider range of people, searching for FWB’s online near you is a great start.

Friends With Benefits Movie Quotes

With every great movie comes great quotes you can use at the right time with friends, family and work colleagues to get a laugh!

Here are some of the classic lines between Jamie Rellis (Mila Kunis) and Dylan (Justin Timberlake)…

[still talking on his cell as he gets out of the office and jumps into his car]
Dylan: I’m almost there.
Jamie: How far away?
[driving in his car as fast as he can]
Dylan: I think I see you.
Jamie: Where are you? I’m here.
Dylan: So am I! So many people. What are you wearing?
Jamie: I’m wearing the only clothes outside the theater. Because I’m the only person outside the theater!
Dylan: I love that outfit. You look so sexy in that.

[at the airport, meeting each other for the first time]
Jamie: Welcome to New York.
Dylan: Thank you. You’re not exactly what comes to mind, when you think ‘headhunter’.
Jamie: Yeah, I prefer executive recruiter. Headhunter sounds a little creepy.
Dylan: You did stalk me for six months. Kinda creepy!

Friends With Benefits Cast

The movie was directed by Will Gluck and starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis.

The film features a supporting cast that includes Patricia Clarkson, Jenna Elfman, Bryan Greenberg, Nolan Gould, Richard Jenkins and Woody Harrelson.

The plot revolves around Dylan (Timberlake) and Jamie (Kunis), who meet in New York City and naively believe adding sex to their friendship will not lead to complications.

Over time they begin to develop deep mutual feelings for each other, only to deny it each time they are together.  Read more on Wikipedia.

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