Single Women Sydney

Do you find it challenging to meet single women in Sydney? Are you constantly finding yourself alone on a Friday night, because all your mates have girlfriends and you’re just sitting there trying to google ‘where can I meet single ladies?’.

Being a big city, life in Sydney can get a bit hectic and it can be difficult finding single girls in Sydney to hook up with, date or even just have a chat.

And that’s why we recommend starting with online dating – it’s so easy. It’s really the best place to find single women anywhere in the city and further afield.

You can find, meet and start chatting to women instantly, from your couch, work, on a night out or even the gym!

Whether you’re new to online dating, or have been on it for a while, it can be tricky to navigate, so if you’re looking for some tips to find single ladies online, see below.

We also talk about the best way to talk to single women free and meet up for a date (or hook up!) in real life.

The best thing about all the dating apps and sites out there today is that you can easily meet single girls for free, without any of the usual pressure that comes when you’re trying to chat to a girl in real life.

And it helps you sift through all the available women quicker, so you can quickly weed out the ones you are and aren’t into.

To find girls who want to hookup Sydney wide, you’re just looking for fun or if you want to meet a girl who’s serious about a relationship (or anything in between!), you can bet there is an app or site that can help you.

If you’re interested in finding the best places to meet single women around town, we have a few great places for you to start looking for all the single ladies Sydney is hiding.

32 Tips For Guys To Find And Meet Single Girls And Get More Sex

1. Find the right dating app or site

You can find literally hundreds of dating websites and apps these days, so finding the one or few that work best for you is the first step you can take to meet single girls online.

Check out a few different ones, see what each one focuses on and offers – they are all different, as some are quite broad and some are much more particular about the type of women you may meet.

As an example, if you were looking to meet someone a little more mature, you should look for an app targeted towards single older ladies.

Or if you were wanting something a little more sexy, there are sites specifically for meeting single women swingers. Whatever you’re into, you’ll find it.

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2. Try several hookup apps or dating websites

Don’t limit yourself – choose a few apps that work for you. It’s the best way to guarantee your chances of meeting single girls in Sydney.

All the apps and sites, as mentioned previously, can vary. Some are perfect if you’re after single ladies looking for love. Others may be better for you if you’re looking to find casual sex Sydney wide.

Also, each platform will have a different algorithm and ways of finding potential matches, so have a play around and find a few you’re happy with.

3. Plan Ahead – think about the ideal single girls to meet

Before you go rushing in, stop for a minute and think about exactly what you are looking for. Do you just want to find sexy single girls to have a chat with, and see where it goes?

Or are you just keen to meet single women for sex?

It’s good to be clear on these things before you start, because not only will it help you narrow down your search, you will also be able to design a profile that matches the type of girls you want to meet, or experience you want to have, such as casual FWB arrangements.

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4. Be open and flexible

As we mentioned just before, it’s good to know what you’re after. However, you also need to be flexible and open when you start online dating. You might just be after any no strings dating Sydney has to offer, yet you may just end up meeting a really special lady that you want to see more of.

Or, it may be that you are keen to meet women that look a certain way, or are of a certain age – for example, single ladies over 30, but wind up meeting the girl of your dreams…and she’s 25.

Just relax, be open and don’t get too hung up on what you thought you wanted.

5. Create a great dating site profile

When you first start online dating, the first thing you will see are profiles. First impressions are everything, so having a great profile can put you right at the front of the pack and help increase your chances of meeting plenty of great single ladies in Sydney.

Spend a bit of time, put some thought into it and make sure you customise it to appeal most to the types of girls you are trying to meet. Follow the basic rules of any online presence: don’t be rude, racist or offensive, and try to represent yourself honestly (but be modest).

6. Be honest with yourself about what you’re looking for

Don’t be afraid to be clear about what you’re looking for (though always remember to be kind and respectful) in your profile description. Not only will this help you narrow down your search, but it also lets women know what they can expect which saves everyone time.

For example, if you are interested in meeting girls purely for casual encounters Sydney style, make sure it’s easy to tell from your description that you’re not after anything serious. You can make your caption a little more cheeky, or flirty, to get the message across.

Or, if you’re looking for something specific, for example single women over 35, or wanting to find something a little more serious and not just to meet single girls for sex, put some thought in and ensure your profile is appropriate and reflects what you’re after.

7. Upload great pics

Perhaps the most important part (at the beginning at least) of creating your online dating presence is your profile photo. If you’re seeking to meet single ladies online, your picture will be the first thing they see when they’re scrolling or swiping, and will likely be a big factor in determining whether you get a match or not.

Remember – think about the type of women or experience you are looking for and make sure your photos are appropriate. Also, make sure you always have at least three photos so girls can always tell which one is you (and no weird group shots, sports teams or super old photos etc).

Meet Local Women Sydney

8. Ask for feedback and advice

Don’t be too proud to ask your mates or family for their advice. Maybe get your sister and her friends to check out your profile, or ask your friends what works for them. Don’t be shy, just ask – ‘I want to meet single girls in my area, have you got any tips or advice for me?’.

Most people have had a go at online dating before, with varying success, so find out what they have done with their profiles that has worked. Asking for some advice may save you a bunch of time (and even embarrassment) down the track!

9. Chat daily

Get in there and start a conversation! There are a few sites that require the woman to start the convo, but most will let you get things rolling. Once you’ve matched with someone, make the most of it and get the ball rolling – it shows you’re taking a proper interest, and it also saves time.

Put some effort in – more than just a basic ‘hi’ or ‘whats up’. Take a quick look at her profile and find out something interesting about her, then bring that up as a starter.

As an example, you could say ‘Hey, I noticed on your profile you love animals, which one is your favourite?’.

And remember, as a general rule, don’t be sleazy or rude, especially right at the beginning. There’s a fine line between creepy and flirty, so make sure you pay attention and perhaps let her instigate any kind of naughty talk.

However, if you’re using an adult dating Sydney website or app, ‘naughty talk’ is tolerated and even enjoyed a lot more, so if the vibe is right, go for it.

10. Be yourself, but keep growing

Just relax, be confident and be you. You don’t have to pretend to be someone, or something, you’re not just to impress her. Also, she’s going to find out one way or another if it’s all an act!

It’s important that if you want to get more girls, you have to improve yourself. Just like you keep educating yourself about women, conversation skills, sex tips, etc so that you become better at meeting, talking to and having sex with women.

Building confidence and ‘skills’ in this area of life will have a huge carryover effect in other areas of your life.

11. Arrange to meet

Bite the bullet, and make plans. Meet up with her after a few chats, you don’t have to have hour-long conversations first. Grab a coffee, see if the vibe is right and go from there!

It’s a great way to figure out if things are worth pursuing, without wasting too much time. Single ladies Sydney can be busy with work, school, families and all the other things life throws at us, so she will appreciate you being up front and showing her you’re not all talk (literally).

12. Make the call

If making plans seems a bit much, try giving her a call first. Ask before you do though – just be casual, with something like ‘hey, is it cool if I give you a call soon, just for a quick chat?’.

This is a great way to connect and bridge the gap between texting or messaging online, and meeting up in real life.

NSA Sydney

13. Arrange a date

Once you have all the basics out of the way – you like her, you’ve had a bit of a chat and she seems interested – bite the bullet and plan a date. It’s not worth wasting all your time and effort on something, only to let the interest dwindle away.

Commit to meeting up in person and that way you can both ensure you’re keen to continue.

Pro tip: casual dating Sydney can be scary for everyone involved, especially when meeting someone for the first time, so stick to something a bit more chilled like a coffee, instead of a long dinner where you may run out of conversation.

Or do something fun together, so you can be sure you have something to talk about after (and avoid those awkward silences).

14. Attend singles events

Sometimes, your fave dating app or website will host an event (usually in bigger cities, like Sydney or Sydney) which will be heaving with hot horny single girls.

These events are perfect because everyone will be there for the same reason – to meet other single people who want to hook up and have fun, making it ideal to meet like-minded singles and find casual encounters Sydney.

15. Stay calm, nothing’s a big deal

Just relax, and don’t rush things. Even though you may feel like everything is going amazingly, don’t harass someone with too many texts, messages or calls, especially when you’ve only just met or known each other a short while.

Just be cool and let them set whatever pace they are comfortable with, and remember – it’s not the worst thing to leave a girl wanting more. You don’t always have to reply within seconds, or call her back straight away.

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16. Don’t show attachment, desperation or neediness

Once things take off, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. Even if it all seems perfect and things are headed in the right direction, make sure you remember that things can change really quickly in a relationship, especially when it’s only early days.

Even if it’s only a casual fling, any relationship can easily do a reverse, so don’t get too down if this does happen. It’s likely not your fault, but just a case of right place, wrong time.

And be chill – getting too into it early on can be a big turn off for a girl. Just take each day as it comes.

17. Be Smart, Be SAFE

An important tip, even if it isn’t a sexy one. However, they say smart is sexy, and it definitely pays to stay smart when you’re online dating.

Heaps of people get hoodwinked by those who pretend to be others online, so always make sure that the girl you’re chatting to is really who they say they are – try checking out their social media pages, and if they let you, give them a call.

And it goes without saying, but never send any money or personal information over the internet, especially to someone who you don’t know well.

18. Try these apps and sites to meet single girls

If you’re keen to know where to find single ladies easily, or you’re just wanting to meet some girls for casual flings, try out some of the classic apps like Tinder and Plenty of Fish.

They’re fun and easy to use, plus you usually get a pretty quick response. Also, you’ll find everyone on there, from your next-door neighbour to the girl from the local supermarket.

If you would prefer someone to come to you instead, try posting personals Sydney to a site like or Locanto.

If you’re looking for something a little more risqué or kinky, you can check out websites like Adult Friend Finder, which is perfect for a quick Sydney fuck. Or try ‘Fling Finder’, which makes it easy to meet FWB Sydney wide.

Whatever you’re into, there’s a dating app or website for you!

19. 3 things single women are thinking when they first meet you

The crazy thing is, usually the first thing a woman is thinking when she meets you isn’t really about you, but totally about her. Usually something like ‘oh god, do I look ok?’ or ‘I wonder if he thinks I’m pretty’.

A close second thought will be around your looks and whether or not she finds you attractive.

Don’t worry though, it’s not always just blatantly physical – she may be thinking something along the lines of ‘he seems really confident’, ‘he has really nice lips’ or ‘I love how tall he is’ (this thought is especially relevant when you’re meeting tall single girls, height is something they instantly notice and appreciate).

Her third thought, if all goes well, will most likely be something like ‘I wonder if he’s single?’.

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20. Ways women subtly indicate they want to have sex tonight

Ladies are definitely less subtle (well, most of the time) than men when it comes to showing that they’re keen for sex. Pay attention, and you may just learn the signs she is keen to take things to the next level with you.

Usually, the most obvious one is her body language – if she seems to be showing a lot of skin, leaning into you, pouting her lips or drawing attention to her cleavage…it’s on.

Otherwise, she may casually let slip that she is free, and keen to continue spending time together once the date is finished. Or she may be extra touchy and flirty with you, brushing up against you or finding excuses to touch you.

21. Dating app conversation starters

Often, online dating profiles are short and sweet. This can be good and bad – it can be hard to find out anything about the girl you want to chat to. However, that means there are plenty of questions to ask, to get the ball rolling!

Try checking out her profile description and photos first, then go from there. If you find yourself talking to tattooed single girls, for example, try asking her which tattoo is her favourite, or what she’s planning next.

If she has a lot of travel photos, maybe try asking which country was her favourite, or which trip she is planning next. Putting thought into your questions makes all the difference, and shows her you’re present and interested.

Perhaps you’ve met someone through sex classifieds Sydney, so its likely that sex will come up quickly in the conversation.

However it’s still worth getting to know her a tiny bit, asking some questions or having a chat, showing her that you’re not only after one thing (and who knows, you may see her again!).

22. Top conversation topics to avoid with women

Top rule – don’t bring up all the other girls you find attractive (especially if that includes her sister). She’s only going to get mad, and if you keep seeing her, she will bring it up for years.

Only talk about sport if you know she’s into it (she’s probably not), otherwise, save it for your mates. And, unless you want to be bored to sleep, don’t bring up the Bachelor, or any of those other dating shows.

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23. Don’t approach women from these 3 angles

Those cheesy lines don’t work like they do in the movies, sorry to burst your bubble. Sydney single women these days are smart and need a little more effort than that, and they will also see quickly through any nonsense.

For example, don’t push a sad story or try to get a ‘pity date’. Not sexy, and who wants to go out with someone knowing they’re only there because they feel sorry for you?

Don’t ask for photos, or offer to take them, by pretending you’re a ‘photographer’. We all know it’s just a camera phone, it seems super shady and any girl will see right through that line.

Lastly, don’t pretend to be someone else, like a famous sports star. Those ones are pretty easy to work out, and you can be once she does she won’t be texting back.

24. 5 things NOT to say via text

Remember, you want this girl to like you, so put a bit of thought into your messaging. Never just send her ‘K’(or anyone, for that matter), it seems really distance and rude, and like you can’t even be bothered writing a whole sentence. And don’t ever text the words ‘we should talk’, especially if you put your phone down afterwards – that’s definitely a conversation better had in person.

Saying that you love someone, especially for the first time, has to be done in person. Don’t text it, until you both say it regularly. Also, don’t be lazy and try breaking up with someone via text, saying something along the lines of ‘I think we should take a break’. Man up, and do it properly.

Finally, don’t send nudie rudie pics without being sure that a – they’re going to the right person (and remember, images can be saved forever) and b – they are being happily received, and aren’t unwanted.

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25. She’s stopped replying to texts? What to do next

Sometimes, things don’t work out and she may stop writing back to your messages, or answering your calls. If this does happen, give her a bit of space, as she may have some other stuff going on like work, school or family issues.

If you pester her, you’re just making it worse. If it’s been a while and still nothing, maybe try giving her a call and checking in. That way you can show her you’re still interested, and if she’s not, you’ll know quickly.

And worst case – just try asking her outright if something has changed, or she’s not interested anymore. Then you’ll know one way or another and can move forward.

26. Transition to sex? What to say

If you’re online dating, it’s likely that you’re looking for sex Sydney, though it can sometimes be difficult to turn a simple date into something a little more physical.

All girls are different, so some may be more up for it than another, but always remember to make sure she feels comfortable before you try going any further.

You can start with something simple, such as asking her if she wants to come back to yours after your date, perhaps for a drink. This is a good way to figure out how she’s feeling about it without being overly obvious. If she’s keen, then great!

If you already have things progressing physically, but want to increase the tempo, maybe ask her if she wants to move things to somewhere more comfortable, perhaps the bedroom?

That gives her a way to say no if she isn’t quite ready, without making things awkward.

If you’re both here for a nice and simple NSA Sydney shag, you shouldn’t have many problems, so just be open and up front. It makes it a little easier when you’re both there for the same reasons.

27. Don’t say these things during sex

Once you get to the stage of getting single women naked, it’s essential that you close the deal. It’s important to just focus on the moment and enjoy the fact it’s the first time you’re getting nude together.

Avoid at all costs doing or requesting anything outside of oral sex or just normal sex. Don’t go requesting weird-shit too soon or you’ll likely not get laid tonight, but you’ll probably never see her again after that too.

And don’t ask lame questions like ‘did you like that?’, or ‘how many guys have you slept with?’, and don’t give up any lame news such as ‘I’ve only slept with 2 girls’.

This only lowers your status in her mind and it’ll likely be the last time you see here. Or if you’re into kinky stuff like dogging Sydney, or threesomes, definitely keep that till date number five.

And don’t comment negatively on ANY aspect of her body once she’s naked. That is definitely the wrong time to give your unsolicited feedback. In fact, any time is the wrong time to give negative feedback about a woman’s body

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28. Don’t say or do these things after you’ve had sex with a woman

As we’ve mentioned, women can be very self conscious creatures. Make sure you don’t bring up her looks or her body, unless it is an obvious compliment (and be careful here too, it may sound like a compliment to you, but not to her).

Even if it’s just a throwaway comment, for example, telling BBW single girls after sex ‘that was great, I usually only bring home thinner girls’. Big no-no.

And try to be respectful with your own body too, at least until you’ve seen each other a few times and are both more comfortable (a.k.a no farting). Always maintain good hygiene.

And please make sure you treat her respectfully – don’t just sleep with her and never call her back. Even if you’re not interested in seeing her again, have the decency to tell her that you don’t think you’ll see her again, and explain why (nicely).

29. You had sex with her… here’s what she tells her friends

You can bet every girl who is involved in Single dating Sydney is chatting to her friends about all the nitty gritty details, and it’s not just them – pick up any women’s magazine, and you’ll find at least three articles talking about the same thing.

So what do they say?

Firstly – was it good (in other words, did she come)? And secondly – is she going to see you (and sleep with you) again? We’re hoping it’s a big yet to both.

Sexy Single Women Sydney

30. Top 3 things women look for in a fuck buddy

The top things that women look for in a fuck buddy Sydney are: flexibility, availability and looks. It goes without saying that physical attraction is much more important in these types of relationships, and less so in long-term ones.

You need to be flexible and open to trying new things, too. Women who seek out these types of relationships are sexually empowered, and need a partner who can match them.

As an example, single bisexual girls will probably be interested in inviting another to share in the fun from time to time, or other women may be keen to try role play.

Lastly, you need to be available – there won’t be much point pursuing the relationship if either of you aren’t available at the same time.

Try finding someone who is on a similar schedule – this will make it easier to find time to hook up and get laid Sydney.

31. Up your fashion sense

They say clothes make the man, and although in our experience women tend to care more about how you make them feel, it’s still worth putting in some effort into your wardrobe.

If you’re not totally across all the current trends, don’t stress – just stick to old-fashioned, classic style, such as wearing darker colours, and clothes that are tailored well with clean lines.

And don’t forget, have a think about the type of girl you are looking for and incorporate that into your style – single girls in 30s will have different ideas about what they find attractive than a more mature woman, for example, or a party girl in her early 20s.

32. Want her as your girlfriend? Here’s what to do

If you’ve met someone that you want to turn into your girlfriend, start by being honest about how you’re feeling. Ask her how she feels about taking things a little further.

If she has decided she only wants to pursue something casually, then perhaps that is for the best.

That being said, if you sometimes find yourself verging into ‘couple territory’, and doing cute things like going out for dinner, enjoying long conversations or planning fun things to do together, then it’s definitely worth bringing up.

There isn’t any specific tip or trick to get a girl to become your girlfriend, though other websites might try to convince you otherwise (but why would you want to ‘trick’ a girl into being with you?), so just try being kind and thoughtful and showing her how much you really care.

That way she will have a good idea of what to expect as your possible girlfriend in the future.

Top 7 Places To Meet Single Girls

1. Meet Women Online

Yes, we’ve just been through it, but heading online is definitely the easiest and best way to meet single girls. You can start right now, on your phone, and it can be easily customized to meet all your needs and expectations.

It’s a perfect place to start for guys who often get tongue tied talking to girls, giving you an easy way to meet single women for free online and start a conversation.

Another big benefit of starting with online dating is that you can be specific about exactly what you’re looking for, making it easy to meet girls who are into the same thing.

As an example, its quick and easy to find friends with benefits Sydney wide using online dating, something which often takes ages to ask a girl you have met at the gym or through a friend.

And you can even filter to find girls you prefer physically, such as busty single ladies, all in one spot. Much easier than being that guy eyeing all the girls at the local swimming pool.

Curvy Single Ladies Sydney

2. Meet Single Girls In Bars & Clubs

If you love your nightlife, checking out your local clubs and bars are perfect places to meet single women.

The crowd is fun, everyone is there for pretty much the same reason and all the Sydney single girls are keen to have some fun and often, find someone they want to take home.

Heaps of single girls meet up with their mates to enjoy a night out on the town, to have a few drinks, a bit of a dance and to chat with cute guys. Easy! Most of the hard work is done already.

Make sure you choose the right type of place for the girls you are trying to meet. For example, meeting younger and more lively girls is easier at your local, top 40’s blasting nightclub.

However, if you’re trying to find single ladies over 35, your best bet is to try a nice wine bar or something a little quieter and classier. When you’re looking for more mature ladies, don’t try any nightclubs. Head to your local RSL or even lawn bowls for single ladies over 60.

You’re likely to find single women no kids at any of the above, depending on their general age, but it’s often easiest to find them using online dating, where they can easily specify that they don’t have any children.

3. Meet Girls At The Gym

You may go there all the time to check yourself out in the mirror, but surely you have also noticed that the gym is full of girls too!

When I’m trying to find single girls in my area, the gym is probably the first place I’ll start. It’s easy to start a convo, plus an added bonus is they’re usually wearing leggings and crop tops.

The gym is an ideal place to meet sexy girls single and keen to mingle. You might find that there are more single women wandering around your local gym than anywhere else you go.

After you’ve been there a while, you may start to see a few familiar faces – if you keep seeing the same girl you like, go up and start chatting.

The location makes it easy, as you already have stuff in common – maybe ask her if she has a favourite trainer, or if she noticed that guy that only turns up to take selfies.

You can even suggest heading out after your workout to grab a protein shake or coffee. Firstly, make sure you know a good coffee place (super awkward if you invite her out and have no idea where it is) and try something like ‘hey, I’ve found the best coffee place down the street, did you want to grab one quickly?’.

Then it’s easy to keep chatting – is she a coffee addict like you? Does she know any other good local places you should check out? Keep it going.

Places To Meet Girls Sydney

4. Meet Single Women At The Dog Park

When you find yourself asking ‘where can I find single ladies?’, probably the last answer you would expect is at the local dog park.

Don’t be fooled though, these spots are full of single girls in Sydney who come every day to socialise their pooches. So grab your dog, or borrow one from someone, and leg it to your local off-leash area.

Obviously, there are all types of owners, but it’s a great way to meet single women 30s particularly, and you’re already standing around chatting about your pets so it’s a natural way to get into a conversation.

Ask her about her pup, for example, ask her how old it is, or what breed is it? Or you can always share a funny and relatable story about your own (or your borrowed) dogs adventures.

It’s also the perfect spot to meet single ladies with no children. Often, they have cute small dogs who may even have coordinated outfits (brownie points if you notice). And, you can bet all the women that do have kids will be at the playground.

5. Meet Single Ladies At Community Events

Looking for single girls in the area? Well, how about taking a stroll through your local area? Ok, you may have to do slightly more than stroll, but you can try to get involved by volunteering, joining a local club or participating in other community events.

Fundraisers are great for meeting local women, and you can also try checking out your local galleries and markets, or learn a new skill or language at the community centre.

Many men even meet single girls through church! If you like being active, try something like a hiking club, or local boot camp – great for meeting single women over 40 who are also active.

Or, joining a book or gardening club, or getting onto a fundraising committee is perfect for meeting single ladies over 50.

Single Women Over 30 Sydney

6. Meet Single Girls Through Friends

Still can’t figure out where or how to find single girls? Try asking your family or friends. Everyone knows at least one single girl, or your mates might have girlfriends who can bring along their single friends.

And always try to RSVP yes to those wedding invites – they are great for meeting single women seeking men. Not many things make a girl depressed about being single than a wedding.

Get your friends on board, by telling them ‘I want to find or meet single girls near me’. Ask them to organise or host a dinner, a party or even some kind of group date.

And don’t forget to be flexible and open to new events (ones you would normally avoid) like kids birthday parties, work events, Christmas parties or even trivia down at your local pub.

Hot tip: kids birthday parties are perfect for meeting women, particularly single ladies in 40s. School or community events are great too.

7. Meet Single Women At Work

Look, nobody likes being at work, and it’s one of the last places you would think of to meet hot single girls. But hear us out – most people spend almost a third of their life at work, so why not try to make that work for you?

When you are single dating women you see every day at work isn’t the greatest idea, however letting your work mates know you’re looking for someone often works a treat (and don’t forget to tell the office ladies, they love setting up singles).

You can also try attending more work functions where you can meet business partners, suppliers, clients and their families or other interesting, industry based single women Sydney has on offer.

Not everyone works in an office though, or traditional work environment, so if that fits you then try thinking outside the box and figure out ways to best use your working hours (though of course, remaining professional) to meet single women.

Perhaps try expanding your services, or some networking, or even some advertising with other local businesses. Don’t forget to hit up industry events too – you’ll already have plenty to chat about, if you work in similar industries or jobs.

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It’s so common in this day and age to have guys confused about where to meet single women, how to start online dating and how to chat to them when you do find them!

Don’t worry, you’re in good company. It’s one of the most common questions single guys have.

Online dating can be stressful, and overwhelming at first. Single girls Sydney can be complicated! They’re busy, and can be hard to read and even harder to find out there.

Don’t worry though, there are plenty of things to try to smooth the process and ensure you find what you’re looking for.

My best tip is that when I’m searching for single women near me, the first thing I do is head online to my trusted dating apps and websites.

No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s a serious relationship or simply a casual fuck in Sydney, we have loads of tips and tricks to help you boost your profiles potential, plus plenty of suggestions of great places to find, meet and chat to single girls in your daily life.

Check out our top tips – we spent a lot of time on them – and if you know any mates that might find them handy, feel free to share.

We know you’ll be meeting girls in no time!