Woman Seeking Younger Men

More women are seeking younger men for a FWB relationship

Friends with Benefits Tips for Women

Friends with benefits dating can be a fantastic change if you have been on the ‘normal’ dating scene with no luck for a while, then maybe a casual friend with benefits relationship is exactly what you need.

One of the best possible strategies for success with friend with benefits dating is to take yourself outside of your comfort zone and try things that are new and different.

Older women are becoming more attracted to younger men and casual dating for a variety of reasons, and there are many men who are ready to take them up on their offers.

Some younger men love older women too, so there can be a win-win situation for all parties involved.

If you are ready to try something new, then why not try friend with benefits dating because it could put a smile on your face.

Once you have found a this type of relationship you’ll no doubt want to the rules to catch him and keep him.

This article will take you through seven key steps for friend with benefits dating, and provide strategies and tips for scoring and keeping your ideal friend with benefits.

Find And Keep A Younger Friend With Benefits

1. Be Yourself

Never try and be anything that you are not. If you are an older woman then be proud of it.

These types of men like older women for many different reasons, including their maturity, life experience and ability to know what they want.

There is no reason to act or pretend that you are younger than you are. Let the other person accept you for who you are, and show him that you are confident within yourself.

Many older woman try to change themselves to impress or keep the younger man, but this could actually be the worst thing you could do. Stay confident and be yourself.

2. Location, Location

If you want to pick up a younger man then go to the places where the younger men hang out.

If you go out to a bar for example, let your hair down a bit, dress sex and don’t hesitate to mingle with younger men.

3. Internet Dating

Try Internet dating sites and specifically list that you are interested in and open to younger guys.

Tell them why this is important to you, even if you say that you’d just like to try something new.

There are many different people on Internet dating and matchmaking sites and there are also many, many men on there who could be looking for more mature woman. Make it clear about what you want and you’ll soon find the right person for you.

Seeking younger men

Are you seeking younger men?

4. Catch Him And Keep Him

Once you have found your friend with benefits you will certainly want to keep him, and this can be as easy or as difficult as any other relationship.

You will still need to work on the relationship basics like sex and communication.

You will need to enjoy each others company while spending enough time alone, and you will need to grow together as a couple.

Talk about your relationship and see what direction that you can make it grow in.

5. FWB Status

If you have a friend with benefits ask him what he thinks the relationship is worth to him. Find out directly if he’s just having fun or if there is something more important there for him.

Some men might not be ready for commitment, and this could be one of the downfalls of friend with benefits dating. Find out what your FWB wants from the relationship, but also be clear about what you want.

If you want a friend with benefits that is also a loyal partner for the time you are together, make sure you let him know.

6. Accept Your Differences

Keeping a friend with benefits also involves realising that you will be different. You may not have the same friends and you may have lots of different interests.

You may find different things funny and you may have different priorities in life, but all of this is okay. Remember, opposites attract. Just don’t become negative with the differences and remember that it is all part of the fun!

7. Appreciate Him

Make sure he knows that he’s appreciated. All men want to know they are appreciated so be sure to let him know from time to time.

This does not mean you need to be clingy with your friend with benefits, just prove to him that he’s important in your life.

He will realise that you are serious and you’ll realise that friend with benefits dating is a great way to have fun and explore your options in the ever-changing game of life!