Enjoy Being Young With FWB Hookups

Friends with Benefits movie

Friends with Benefits movie starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis.

With the rise in popularity of casual dating, sex and hookups the term friend with benefits has arisen and is growing a life of its own.

FWB hookups are the choice of many singles across Australia for the ease and fun that come from them!

Casual sex is exciting and fun and doesn’t have to be a mental game as much as many people think.

You’re young and free so enjoy yourself!

With the release of the Friends With Benefits movie starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis the popularity and convenience of having a friend with benefits is replacing the need for a full-time relationship.

These can often consume a lot of our emotional energy and distract us away from our careers, friends and family.

Having a friend with benefits allows you to enjoy the physical intimacy we all crave without the complications, commitments and expectations that come with a full-time relationship.

Having FWB hookups allows you to…

  •     Focus on your career
  •     Enjoy free time with friends and family
  •     Have more ‘me time’
  •     Not have to worry about marriage, kids and mortgages
  •     Enjoy a greater choice of partner(s)…try before you buy!
  •     Have more time for exercise and other social commitments

Whether you’re in between relationships, have just left a relationship or just want more time to be free and enjoy dating a wider range of people, searching for FWB’s online near you is a great start.

Friends With Benefits Movie Quotes

With every great movie comes great quotes you can use at the right time with friends, family and work colleagues to get a laugh!

Here are some of the classic lines between Jamie Rellis (Mila Kunis) and Dylan (Justin Timberlake)…

[still talking on his cell as he gets out of the office and jumps into his car]
Dylan: I’m almost there.
Jamie: How far away?
[driving in his car as fast as he can]
Dylan: I think I see you.
Jamie: Where are you? I’m here.
Dylan: So am I! So many people. What are you wearing?
Jamie: I’m wearing the only clothes outside the theater. Because I’m the only person outside the theater!
Dylan: I love that outfit. You look so sexy in that.

[at the airport, meeting each other for the first time]
Jamie: Welcome to New York.
Dylan: Thank you. You’re not exactly what comes to mind, when you think ‘headhunter’.
Jamie: Yeah, I prefer executive recruiter. Headhunter sounds a little creepy.
Dylan: You did stalk me for six months. Kinda creepy!

Friends With Benefits Cast

The movie was directed by Will Gluck and starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis.

The film features a supporting cast that includes Patricia Clarkson, Jenna Elfman, Bryan Greenberg, Nolan Gould, Richard Jenkins and Woody Harrelson.

The plot revolves around Dylan (Timberlake) and Jamie (Kunis), who meet in New York City and naively believe adding sex to their friendship will not lead to complications.

Over time they begin to develop deep mutual feelings for each other, only to deny it each time they are together.  Read more on Wikipedia.

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