Are Friends With Benefits Arrangements Possible?

A friends with benefits arrangement means that you will get a friend, but also lots of casual sex without any long-term commitment. Friends with Benefits Arrangements

For many people, this sounds like the perfect situation, because they do not need to fuss around with the boring elements of a full-time relationship, but they still get great sex whenever they want it.

Holding down a friends with benefits relationship can be tricky though, despite the good times that can come from it.

Creating Your FWB Arrangement

Many people just don’t want to commit these days, and they are like this for many reasons.

Perhaps they are busy at work, have other family commitments or just don’t want to take life too seriously.

Being in a full-time relationship can get complicated and there will always be talk of settling down, having children and planning for the future.

This can be great, but it isn’t always what we want. At any age, many people just want to have fun and enjoy sex without stressing too much about the serious side of life.

Friend with benefits arrangements can be anything that you want them to be. Perhaps you have a great friend who you enjoy being around, and occasionally you have sex too.

Maybe you have broken up with an ex, but despite being out of a relationship, you hook up just for casual sex.

Other people have arrangements that involve a stranger, or someone they don’t know very well, who they meet up with just so that they can have fun in the bedroom.

What are the rules?

There are several friends with benefits rules for holding down this kind of relationship, the main one being that all people involved need to have fun and enjoy themselves, without getting too serious.

The relationship needs to be casual, and the people involved need to be comfortable around each other. If you’re getting together just for great sex, then you should definitely be getting that!

Perhaps you will have the chance to try new things in the bedroom that you might not try with a long-term partner. These are the benefits of having a friend who also shares your love for sex.

How can they end?

Friends with benefits arrangements can end when someone gets hurt, or meets someone else, so remember to be honest about what you are after.

If the other person thinks that you are going to commit to them, then it won’t work.

You will both need to be upfront about the fact you just want casual sex, and that you enjoy their company only for this.

Relationships can get messy and emotional without honesty, so it is okay to say that you only want to keep things casual.

Can friends with benefits work?

Many friends enjoy sex without any complications or a committed relationship. They can even be open and honest and make time to get together just for sex.

They might see each other once a week, or once a month, or even several times each week. The trick to success with casual sex is finding the right partner who wants the same thing as you.

If one relationship doesn’t work out, don’t give up. Keep looking for the right friend who enjoys the same kind of sex as you, wants it just as much as you, and is keen to keep things casual without any commitment and complications.

Friends with benefits arrangements can certainly work, you just have to have fun and stay positive.