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Friends with benefits can be the ideal situation for guys and girls depending on their age, relationship situation or need for sex… and our blog articles give you the tips and advice that can help you find and manage a friends with benefits arrangement.

Find answers to questions and concerns such as “how to end a friends with benefits relationship“, “friends with benefits breakup advice“, and “how many times a week should I see my friend with benefits?“.

If you’re pursuing friends with benefits dating in Australia, this is the place for you…


What Are Friends With Benefits?

What are Friends With Benefits? Friends with benefits are casual relationships between two people that enjoy the physical intimacy of being with one another without the extra commitments and expectations that come with a more formal, romantic relationship. Friends...

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Friends With Benefits Rules

What Are The Friends With Benefits Rules? So you've got yourself a friend with benefits?  And now you're wondering what are the rules of engagement?  We've put together a list of do's and do not's to ensure your friend with benefits is just that... and nothing more!...

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